Tera fitness mat  (1)

Tera fitness mat smartly guides your yoga stance and posture

Yoga is becoming extremely popular all around the world, as it not only keeps your body fit but also calms down your mind and soul. However, going to yoga classes ...

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Prakash energy-producing lantern 1

Prakash energy-producing lantern to light up dark nights in India

With an objective to provide illumination to rural Indian families, Prakash energy-producing lantern has been designed as a semester-long project. It is shaped like a traditional lantern, but is able ...

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Omata’s Pioneer Analog GPS speedometer 2

Omata’s Pioneer Analog GPS speedometer hits the market

Bringing style and enhancement to your regular drive with its classic look and supporting connectivity to your personal computer, Omata has engineered the world’s first GPS analog Speedometer. While the ...

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Node Lamp by Odd Matter Studio 2

Node Lamp by Odd Matter Studio inherits the basic circuit form

The most recent innovations in design were displayed at Spazio Rossana Orlandi in the Milan Design Week to showcase the most unique designs in technology. One among all these which ...

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AirJamz- Air guitar

Music is in the air with AirJamz- Air guitar

Rapidly evolving technology is hell bent on promoting healthy lifestyle and better social connections, but where is the fun in that? Bringing fun back to our lives Zivix has launched ...

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The Link (2)

Link: Sleek and elegant wall-mounted shelving unit

While there is no shortage of bookshelves to fix all your clutter, there are very few that could blend perfectly into a modern interior. There’s no doubt that minimal modular ...

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Lift-Bit (2)

Lift-Bit: World’s first digital sofa alters its shape via smartphone

While everything is getting smarter around us, so why our couches still feel dumb? Carlo Ratti Associati in collaboration with Vitra, has now created a smart Lift-Bit sofa that can ...

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Lifebag  2

Lifebag is a discreet personal flotation device for water safety

While lifejackets or personal flotation devices are often bulky and uncomfortable to wear, Lifebag offers more acceptable and stylish way to be safe in water. Unlike conventional lifejackets, this one ...

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sleep with Damo

Drift off to sleep with Damo

In the present times, sleep is the most under-rated pleasure which we indulge in. While the current generation is more work- oriented and is always on the go,while sleeping is ...

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Icer coffee table 2

Icer coffee table

Ismael G. Montero, one of the creative industrial, product and graphic designer has designed a very innovative coffee table given the name Icer. The special thing about this coffee table ...

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Influenza Saver   1

Influenza Saver – Smart wand to kill germs and bacteria

You might be aware of the germs and bacteria around that you often meet through mobiles, keyboards, toilet seats or any other object but unfortunately, you cannot see and locate ...

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Lamp Champ (3)

Two in one use of Lamp Champ

Lamp Champ is a name given to a bulb socket that is equipped with a USB port. This provides the facility of transforming any lamp into a USB charger station. ...

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